"Hand Formed Sterling & Gems"

Nicole Bertram Rocks and jewelry have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I enjoy learning about the stones, their geological attributes, as well as their historical and cultural significance.   Each and every stone is personally selected for my original designs that are built in my home studio in Lafayette, Colorado.  From the deep blues of kyanite and tanzanite, to the shimmering hues of moonstone and  labrdorite, I love gemstones and showcasing their natural beauty in my work. I am inspired by the natural world.  Mountains, caves, rivers and woods excite me as I observe and think about new shapes and ideas. Please wear these works of art with joy, and in good health and happiness. Cheers!

"Turquoise Sterling"


Suzy Fallon Suzy retired from teaching in 1998 and began her jewelry making career after taking a beadwork class with a friend.  She loves the diversity and endless possibilities the art form takes and it shows in her jewelry. Suzy’s work incorporates pearls, other semi-precious stones, handmade glass beads and more. Her style is timeless, yet each piece is so unique. Growing up with many visits to Grand Lake and Estes Park, Suzy settled in Estes Park fulltime in 2004 and became part of the Aspen and Evergreen artist family.

"Sterling and Leather Wishbone Bracelet"

Sharon Gloss (Red Moon Jewelry) I didn't set out to have a jewelry business...instead, it found me. After my dad died in 2001, I returned to my creative side to mend a broken heart and I've been making and selling jewelry ever since. At the moment I'm passionate about working with leather and have a variety of bracelet styles to choose from. I continue to design necklaces and earrings with gemstones, Hill Tribe silver, Swarovski pearls, Czech glass, and gunmetal chain. As a self-taught jeweler, I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting expressions for my craft. My day job over the years has been in marketing - most recently in the non-profit sector. But the greatest privilege of my life has been my family; my husband and I are lucky to be parents to two wonderful sons and have made our home in the vibrant and generous community of Fort Collins, CO. When not making jewelry, I hike, bike, ski, travel, garden, read and hang out with my dog, Ike.

"Rings by The Harrington Collection"

Neil Herman and Laura Lampe Neil and Laura, designers and founders of The Harrington Collection, have been creating jewelry together since 1973.  Before 1973, Neil owned a silversmithing business and turned his skill into designing high quality gold pieces.  Laura, owned a weaving business where she gathered her talent and love for design.  Today, their jewelry is hand-fabricated or lost-wax cast in both 14k gold and sterling silver using beautiful precious and semi-precious stones. Neil and Laura live high in the Rocky Mountains, near Estes Park, Colorado and love being in their stuidio with time to create new designs.

"Citrine and Blue Topaz Sterling Bracelets"

Candace Johnson A Colorado native, Candace grew up under the influence of her grandfather, a gold miner near Central City, CO. Collecting iron pyrite, high ore rocks, she soaked up the mountain scenery and was crafty making things.  After moving to Estes Park in 1999, she further developed her art and began seriously making silver and gold jewelry with unique and colorful stones. Most pieces are one-of-a kind with stones and beads from all over the world. The Never Summer Mountains on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park as well as other Colorado mountains are an inspiration to her design and color scemes and led her to name the business, Never Summer Jewelers.

"Hand Wrought Aluminum & Sterling"

Diane Keen Welcome to the funky, eclectic, unpredictable world of Lobo Luna Studio. I am a self-taught artist who is fortunate enough to be living in the beautiful mountain town of Estes Park.  I have always had a passion for the simple joys of nature. As a child: wandering, digging, collecting, and creating.  Now, as an adult, I’m still that child:  wandering, digging, collecting, creating.  I cherish the meditative joy of turning a small pebble into a lovely necklace; a soft tuft of wool fiber into a unique brooch: stone, wire, resin, natural fibers.  Inspiration is always there, waiting to be tapped. Shiny things draw me in and make me do their bidding. And I am happiest when creating. All my pieces are one-of-a-kind, hand-made with love and waiting for a new home.

"Fused Sterling Mountain Pendant"

Jen Lesea-Ames Self-taught, Jen started beading in 2009, always with gemstones.Wanting more of a challenge, she began metal-smithing gemstone jewelry in 2013. Her interests evolved to finding a passion in fusing sterling silver: the challenge of fusing silver (there are people who claim only argentium can be fused) pushed her into new and ever evolving designs. Jen’s organic, modern style is influenced by a gemstone’s beauty, the gorgeous Rocky Mountain landscape, and for her abstract pieces: the organized chaos of life. Anosia, the name of Jen’s  jewelry business, is Greek for “immunity.” 

"Dream Tree Pendant"

Momo Glassworks (Rosario Torres and Edo Mor) This talented husband and wife team specialize in fused mosaic glass jewelry creations. Combining glass (often up-cycled), metals and hand painting, makes each piece one-of-a kind. Their experience living on four different continents is visible in the work. The colors, nature-inspired themes, and variety are refreshing.

"Frog Power Necklace"

Eli Roehl Eli works in pristine beauty across from a 14,000 ft. peak in the Colorado Rockies. In this remote studio, her appreciation for nature is reflected in unique, one-of-a kind art jewelry. She uses hand built, fused precious metals in abstract and expressionistic designs. Eli personally selects colorful, semi-precious stones in her designs and draws from the vibrant colors of the Caribbean where she once lived. Her designs compliment the stones she is inspired to use and each piece is truly unique. Adding to her collection, Eli is incorporating Native American “power” animal fetishes in some of her new designs.

"Aspen Leaf Wax Encaustic Necklace"

Ginger Siemans  Even as a student, teacher, artist, registered nurse, wife, mother and newest job, grandmother, Ginger has time for more.  As a oyoung girl growning up in New Orleans, she loved creating jewelry. Her love of new and old techniques is incorporated into all her designs. Although you see an array of jewelry pieces, they always have an organic feel.  My approach is simple and my goal is to make you smile when you see one of my pieces.

"Turquoise and Pearl Earrings"

Mollie Stauss Mollie’s studies as a metalsmith began in earnest in 1994 on the Oregon Coast where she studied with Delphine Kriellsheimer at the Thundering Seas Institute. Although she went back to school to complete a Sociology degree, her passion is at the bench, creating by combining her own sensibilities with ancient techniques. Mollie interprets stone and form constructing each piece by hand and hopes this allows the wearer to embrace and celebrate that uniqueness.

"Polymer Clay
Rolled Bead Earrings"

Wendy Sollod  A self-taught artist, Wendy has been working with polymer clay since 1993. Her attention to detail and love of hands-on-work is showcased by combining delicate patterns of polymer clay into playful riots of color. Each item is created from original cane-worked polymer clay patterns. The background of every piece is painstakingly constructed by piecing together small square “tiles” or cross-sections of each clay pattern onto a polymer clay slab. This piece is then rolled by hand, cut to shape and applied to a third, backing layer of clay. The resulting repetition of design creates the illusion of texture on a smooth surface.  She finds inspiration in textiles, found objects, randoom colors & patterson, and the work of Gustav Klimt.

"Mixed Gemstone with Pearls

Katy Sykes Katy grew up spending summers in Meeker Park and is now a long-time Estes Park resident who works in Rocky Mountain National Park. Always fascinated with beads, she enjoys the infinite possibilities and inspirations when creating a one-of-a-kind necklace. She hopes you enjoy wearing her creations as much as she enjoys making them.

"Blue Double-Shell Glass Jewelry Box"

Heather Stone  In 1978, Heather learned the art of stained glass while recuperating from a motorcycle accident. It was an art form that seemed to be made for her as she began to create jewelry boxes using the stained glass technique.  Recently, Heather introduced boxes that are more like stained glass windows, featuring antique postcards of the Estes Park and Rocky Mountain area. Every box is one of a kind, signed and dated.  Some of the designs include original photographs and other fun artwork. In addition, she creates original jewelry designs incorporating beadwork and glass.

"Spiny Oyster Butterfly Necklace"

Kim Yubeta  Kim has been designing jewelry for more than 20 years. Her grandfather, a Norwegian freighter captain, brought her exotic beads from around the world. Family mementos and artifacts, as well as her own beads beckoned her to create her signature designs. Her one-of-a kind pieces combine antique and contemporary, tiny artifiaccts, different ethnic cultures and vibrant colors. Vestiges of history, semi-precious stones, beads, and mementos become wearable art through the work of her hands. She feels a sense of excitement and wonder when she begins a new piece and wants those who wear her work to feel it too.

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