"Spiral Journey House"

Susan Anderson began working in clay more than 40 years ago. Her functional line of pottery incorporates designs such as iris and poppy flowers inspired by her surroundings in Estes Park. Susan is well known for her spirit houses. After living in Bhutan and learning the eastern tradition of spirit houses, Susan incorporates this long standing tradition with her original designs to create her “Colorado Spirit Houses”.

"Chip and Dip Set"

Sandie Bredbenner Becoming a potter came to Sandie in stages. From an evening class in pottery at Penn State University, to a U.S. Army base class in Tacoma, WA, to Greeley, CO, for more pottery classes; Sandie eventually studied full-time at the University of Northern Colorado.  Her diverse selection of functional stoneware designs come from her love of cooking, with forms and designs influenced by her love of gardening. 

"Aspen Wall

Liz Burns-Popoff Liz has such a wide array of ceramic forms. Probably best known for her aspen sconces at the gallery, she also works in raku, hand formed pieces that are both functional and artful like sushi dishes, wall tiles, and vases. The diverse subject matter, both decorative and functional, gives her artwork such wide appeal.

"Oval Platters"

Leah and Scott DeCapio
Our one-of-a-kind piece of ceramic art is handmade by Leah & Scott DeCapio. Each piece is first shaped on a potter’s wheel or by hand by Scott. Leah then paints the entire piece black and carves the designs into the clay. Each piece is an original, no stencils are used! From here, the piece goes through a series of firings (and some are adorned with metal work and handmade glass beads). Our studio is very “green” too: our electricity is powered by wind and water!

"Carved Lidded Casserole"

Karen Dick An Estes Park resident and artist for more than 30 years, Karen creates pottery possessing a simple, clean, and natural quality that is created by the use of textures within the clay. Her choice of glazes enhances those textures bringing together a natural harmony in her work. The majority of her pottery is functional and meant to be enjoyed and used.

"Rocky Mountain Oval Tray and Bowl"

Anita Garfein Anita describes herself as a studio potter--pretty much in love with clay since first touch.  She loves it for the endless possibilities and immediacy.  She creates objects that add pleasure and beauty to everyday life, and wants her work to pay tribute to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Although Anita’s pottery is very functional, its gorgeous palate of mountain colors and subtle mountain motif brings the Rockies to us every day.

"Bamboo Handle
Porcelain Tea Pot"

Jim Klingman A University of Northern Colorado graduate in Arts and Education, Jim has spent much of his adult life creating and teaching pottery.  As a potter of 30 years, he works from his studio in Greeley, CO, creating functional porcelain pottery. Jim’s style and glazes are unmistakable with a hint of an eastern influence.

"Koi Fish Platter"

Kathleen Laurie From a very early age, Kathleen knew she would become an artist. With a BS from Illinois State University, she studied a broad range of art media with ceramics as her primary focus. Painting, drawing and splashing layers of glazes on the clay form and often using turtles or other animals as a design element is Kathleen’s focus. The forms are either slabs of earthenware or stoneware clay draped over a hump mold or functional pottery that is thrown on the wheel and distorted. We love Kathleen’s Koi fish embellished pottery.

Swirl Platter"

Susan Mikkelson   A Colorado Native, Susan began creating her one of-a-kind pieces in 1988. She started playing with clay in Concord, California and continued her creative process at various Community Colleges in Colorado. Mostly self taught, she now enjoys working on her designs from her studio and home in Littleton, Colorado. Susan is inspired by nature and incorporates many aspects of nature in her work. She works with Electric and Gas fire reduction kilns. For the past 20 years she has perfected the colors that she enjoys the most and makes all of her own glazes. She has a blue line that she calls "Moon Dance",  an Earthy multi colored glaze, and a simple but elegant cream design with leaves, perfect for that Wedding, or someone whose colors you may not know. All of her work is to be displayed and USED!! All work is a Functional Stoneware that is Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

"Fish Platter"

Peter and Susan Stark (Hermastone Pottery) The Stark’s pots are a collaboration. Peter makes the pottery both with wheel throwing and hand building techniques using a white stoneware body fired at 2200 degrees, thus making their pots very strong and meant for everyday use. Susan meticulously decorates their creations using the Majolica Technique. Their pots are as colorful and cheerful as they are useful.

"Maple Leaf Platter"

Nancy Zoller   With a BA in Art Education, Nancy knew ceramics would be her life’s work and built her first downdraft kiln soon after graduating. Teaching clay has been an integral part of her life as a ceramic artist. Nancy’s durable high-fired pottery through a combination of wheel throwing and hand building techniques, subtly reflects the colors and patterns of the Colorado landscape. Each piece is so original and yet carries a recognizable “feel” connecting her body of work.



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