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Featured Artist of the Month!:

Velina Davidson

This month, we are delighted to feature Velina as our artist of the month. Velina is not only a gifted artist but also an essential member of our team. She helps us with event planning and keeping our schedules on track, all while putting a smile on our faces. We invite you to come and see her stunning artwork on display at Aspen and Evergreen Gallery and maybe even have the chance to meet her in person.


Wall of the Month:

Our Display Wall of the Month is a must-see! Each month, we feature a different theme and fill it with the finest works of our talented artists. This winter, we're proud to present our 'Winter Wonderland' showcase. Come and experience the magic of the season through the lens of our artists. You won't want to miss it!

Featured Artist of the Month!:

Bonnie Hautamaki

Bonnie Gerdin Hautamaki is a Colorado fine artist whose portraiture captures the essence of people and animals and whose landscapes draw out the uncommon beauty of each scene.


After a career in human factors engineering, the classical methods of art captured her attention. Drawing was simply the use of angles, shapes and value to capture an accurate likeness. Painting became a puzzle to solve: color mixing, and using a 2D canvas to represent 3D life. With her history of connecting people to technology, she was now intrigued with the opportunity to invite the viewer into a visual story. Bonnie now merges her technical background with her creative strengths to solve visual problems as she joyfully directs her energies into the expressive world of art.

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