C.L. Whiting - Leaf Leather

Capturing the likeness of various leaves was painstakingly done by etching each vein onto a handstamping tool. Each shape of leaf, flower or stem, is an individual tool of impeccable detail. Hundreds are needed to complete just one type of leaf pattern, representing a lifetime of work.

A whole hide of leather becomes a canvas, when each handstamp tool is strategically hammered into place. Creating a painting of foliage. This painting is then hand-rubbed with numerous coats of dye, bringing forth the depth and beauty of the unique raised texture. Then two coats of protective finish is applied to preserve each work of art.

Then leather is then artfully sown into the most quality of purses, totes, and wallets. Leaving you with a practical, functional, gorgeous work of art that only gets better with time.

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