Donna Sena Keirns - Leather work

Colorado Artist

Donna Sena Keirns, carries her parent’s artistic legacy, as well as the family name. Generations of metalsmiths designed and fabricated tangible beauty, and as a result, metalwork and turquoise are in Donna's blood. Each piece she creates, is the richness of southwest culture and traditions nurtured in her childhood in Santa Fe, NM.

Her work shows she is fascinated with color, shapes and textures, while holding on to a love for the process and development of creative possibilities. The spiritual beauty deep in her soul transforms various gems, metals and beads into pieces which bring the wearer exquisite calm and peace, along with a connection to her hispanic heritage.

Currently living in Loveland, CO with her husband David, and their 2 children, Donna continues to develop, teach and grow as a jewelry artist while broadening her creative breadth into SW embellished leather bags.

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