Fran Bowen - Fiber Artist

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Colorado Artist

Fran Bowen, fiber artist, creates soft-sculptured figures, wall-hangings, and decorations with wool, along with other fibers, cloth, beads, and threads.

“I love working with wool, sculpting it into a bird or a Father Christmas figure for the holidays. When making a bird, for instance, the shape is formed in my hand and I have the sense of holding a real bird from the warmth of the wool. It's natural then, for me to describe my work as “joyful fiber.” It brings me great happiness as I hope it will to others. Working with fiber, the possibilities for expression of beloved impressions from books, memories, nature, and childhood are endless for me; I try to infuse my work with that and let the process unfold as I go along.”

Fran uses multiple fiber techniques for her work. Wet and dry felting, embroidery, and appliqué are among some of the techniques.

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