Jason Rideout - Painter

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Colorado Artist

Traveling Trail Ridge

I am a creative that is inspired by the world around me. Graphic art from the BMX and Ski Magazines of my youth inspires my work today. After becoming frustrated with available media being unable to depict the fun, flowing, and colorful world I pictured, I found Posca paint pens and have developed my style around that medium. My art endeavors to connect the subject to its surroundings by using my unique style which I ascribe to taking Van Gogh, Warhol, and Picasso and throwing them into a blender, adding my own twist to a focal point.  I find inspiration in Drew Brophy, Nicolas Bott, and my father - who taught me about painting as I was growing up and encouraged me to follow my passion.

I have worked with Frozen Dead Guy Days, Slash and Burn Slalom, Paddle Board Adventure Company, How You Doing Pizza, and the #1 rated Colorado burger joint, Backdoor Burger, from full murals to stickers.

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