Matt Cohn - Wood Turner

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Colorado Artist

Wood is art, bringing its own color, texture and form to any artwork.  My turned pieces are made from green (wet) wood, as it allows the wood to move and have its own natural effect on the final form.  Shape is the most important characteristic of any turned form, as color and grain may lose their prominence over time.  My turned pieces are made almost exclusively from urban wood - trees which have been cut down because of disease or development.  My furniture is modern in style, emphasizing clean lines and traditional joinery.  The work is eclectic, exploring shape, color, texture and mass.

I started woodworking as a teenager.  Over the last forty years, I have taken courses in furniture making and wood turning whenever the opportunity has presented itself and continue to learn as much as I can about the makers and designs of the studio wood movement.  After a 30 year career with the Environmental Protection Agency and long periods with arts and affordable housing non-profits, I am finally able to dedicate many wonderful hours to this fabulous pursuit.

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