Each cuff bracelet is sealed copper, handmade by Colorado artist Gale Schadewald.

Copper Cuff Bracelets

  • Do to the consignment nature of the gallery, all sales are final.

  • Please treat your bracelet as you would all special jewelry. Avoid exposure to water, lotions, sprays, cleaners, perfumes, abrasives, etc. 

    To modify the fit of the bracelet you may slowly, using two hands, apply even pressure on both sides of the opening. Adjust the band to a size that is comfortable for you. Please remember to leave yourself enough room to put this piece on and take it off without adjusting it again. Resizing metal jewelry often is not recomended. It may be helpful to put the cuff on and take it off sideways, just above your wrist bone, rather than on top of your wrist bone. 

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