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Gay'l Yocom- Metalsmith

Hi, I’m Gay’l Yocom, the metalsmith behind Good Mourning Dove. I create all my work here in my home studio in Wellington, CO. My family and I are all Colorado natives and love the beauty and inspiration that Colorado offers. It’s our home.

I’ve been small batch metalsmithing for about 9 years now. I work with mostly fine silver, sterling silver and bits of gold. I love mixing metals and incorporate copper and brass into my pieces as well. I also include hand selected semi-precious stones and my favorite is American turquoise from Nevada, Arizona

and of course Colorado!

Every piece I create is designed and hand built by me with love and care. I love what I do and I am grateful to be able to make intentional pieces that tell a story or speak to the buyer. Because it matters how it’s made.

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