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James Frank - Photography

Updated: Jun 4

Estes Park, Colorado

If you're looking for fine art photography of Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) then you've come to the right place. For over four decades Estes Park photographer James Frank has experienced and photographed Rocky Mountain National Park in all its seasons and moods. Through his photographs he captures and shares the grand landscapes and intimate moments from this wild and wonderful place he calls "the heart of Colorado." For him Rocky Mountain epitomizes the image and spirit of Colorado.

As a boy growing up in the Midwest his love of the outdoors began with explorations along the wooded banks of Rocky River in northern Ohio. With a stop for college in Nebraska, the high peaks of America's west beckoned the aspiring photographer and fan of the outdoors. After several visits to the Centennial State, it was in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver that he found inspiration and embraced the art of photography. Astounding landscapes, rushing streams, abundant wildlife and wildflower meadows led Frank to move to Estes Park, where small-town atmosphere and an active community of local artists proved a perfect fit. What better place to explore the outdoors, establish life-long relationships, and create photographic art.

Frank believes that wild places are critical to humankind, that wilderness preservation

and protection are necessities. His goal as a photographer is to communicate the

wonders he experiences, creating photos which engage viewers, connecting them to a

sense of place, to immersion in the moment, inspiring emotions or memories which are

relevant and meaningful.

Hundreds of Frank's photographs have appeared in state and national publications. His

yearly Rocky Mountain National Park calendar is a local best seller. Along with his wife

and business partner, Tamara Jarolimek, he's owned a postcard company, a magazine -

Estes Park Vacationland, a gallery (founders of Aspen and Evergreen) and his own

imprint, Our Natural Heritage Publishing. He currently sells his fine art prints at Aspen

and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park and at his website

Morning at Thunder Lake

Artist Statement: Beauty and balance are found in nature’s telling moments, in actions of earth, sky and water which lift our spirits and call to us. Through the art of photography my goals are to capture these inspirations found in nature and share them with others. Utilizing amazing qualities of light and shadow I work diligently to photograph fleeting moments which communicate the character and essence of the subject seen before me. Discovering new places to photograph and creating compositions from nature's wonderful designs are my artistic passions. I am thankful and honored when you choose to own one of my photographs. That choice brings a unique moment home with you, making a connection which hopefully provides continuing inspiration.

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We love James AND his photographs! Several of his images have a place in our mountain home!

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