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Julie Neri - Potter

Updated: Jun 4

Longmont, Colorado

Growing up on the Connecticut shore gave Julie Neri an appreciation for sea life, trees, leaves and the patterns found within nature. You will see many of these patterns reflected in the texture of her clay creations: the veins in a leaf, the bark of a tree, the shell of a sea turtle, and the rambling stones of a rock wall.

As Julie’s life changes, so does her work. When she learned to play the cello, her clay houses started to dance. When her son struggled with chronic illness, her houses reflected their symbiotic relationship. When her life took on the lightness of being, birds rested on her trees, ripples found their way onto her trays, and mushrooms grew happily in the crevices of her sculptures.

She began her relationship with clay through the need for a non-intellectual pursuit after

obtaining her Masters in Public Administration. That was 25 years ago and clay has

since become an essential part of her life. She started by throwing on the wheel and

took many years of adult classes. She later started her studio in her house, began

exploring hand building and found that hand building is what she craves. Julie’s work is

based in texture, inspired by nature and infused with a touch of whimsy. She is known

for her leaf trees, houses, sea turtles, painter’s palettes, planters and vases.

Julie is the Sale Treasurer for the Boulder Potter’s Guild (BPG), Treasurer for Eastern

Boulder County Artists (EBCA) and Communications Coordinator for The Old Gallery

Artists. You can find her work at the BPG sales twice a year, at the EBCA Studio

Tours, and at The Old Gallery year-round. Julie also sells her creations at several NE

Colorado sales, and at the Aspen and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park.

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