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Linda Dzwigalski-Long- Hot Glass Artist Loveland, Colorado

Updated: May 29

I have been fascinated by glass for as long as I can remember.

I’m a Michigan native. Shortly after moving to Colorado in 2011, Front Range Community College offered a short course on blowing hot glass. I decided it was now or never to make time to learn this art form that had always fascinated me. After I confirmed I could stand the heat from the furnace and wasn’t afraid to swing that hot dripping glass around— I was hooked! I’ve been learning ever since!

Many hot glass artists, myself included, find the challenges of the art form to be as much of the attraction as the outcomes of beautiful works of art. You’re taking a solid and heating it into a liquid to re-shape it into a different solid form. You’re using gravity to stretch - but not too much. You’re using air to expand - but just the right amount in the right place. Each color reacts differently to the heat, expands differently, plays differently with the other colors. Each second in the hot shop is truly exhilarating- -a delicate balance of quick decisions and great patience. And who can resist the beautiful interplay of light, color and glass.

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