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Sidhe Designs ~ Michele Throne & Dan Schaufele - Jewelers

Updated: Jun 4

Lyons, Colorado

About Michele

Michele's first exposure to jewelry making and metalsmithing was in high school. She received a BFA from Florida State University, with an emphasis in drawing and large installations. Michele returned to metalsmithing shortly after college, where she studied in Atlanta, GA for 10 years as a hobby while teaching art at a Montessori School. Her career as a jeweler began when she moved to Colorado in 2008.

Michele’s inspiration is rooted in art and the outdoors. Her creations come from her personal experiences, nature and storytelling. She creates symbolic jewelry based in nature and the human experience. You may find an attention to detail that explores the seriousness and lightheartedness of life in Michele's work. “I love creating and exploring and can be completely in love with just wandering down the path with no goal. I find at times there is a slow precision and decisiveness in my designs while at other times designs arise like a river, flowing with no resistance ending in calm lake that settles in the belly of the mountains. Some pieces make me cry and some pieces make me laugh. I try not to leave out any life experience.”

About Dan Dan is a craftsman, musician, and artist all in one. As a carpenter and drummer, he put effort and time into creating with great attention to detail while also following his heart. His original inspiration for silversmithing and beading came from his parents, Jim and Faye Griffin, who made a career designing and creating artistic silver and gold jewelry in the southeast. "Drumming drew me closer to the African culture in which I received a generous gift of an African trade bead collection from my parents. This is when the beading and jewelry making began! Here I am now, surrounded by nature in a great little studio in the mountains continually learning new techniques and skills to make jewelry."

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