Billie Colson - Painter

Updated: Feb 13

Colorado Artist

In my artwork I strive for a combination of uncanny realism, and whimsy, enhancing the limits a bit on the color scheme. Like looking through rose colored glasses, true to life but with a bit more sparkle.

My subject matter is varied, and I enjoy a diversity of subjects painting something for almost everyone.

My animal portraits capture the very essence of the animal. Showing character, warmth and the light in the animal’s eyes, reminding us of our faithful companions.

In my floral paintings I give you a close up view of flowers with great attention to detail, exploring the lights and shadows of outdoor blooms.

In still life renditions, I strive to capture the beauty and wonder of common items around the house

In my landscape paintings I hope to make you want to spend time in that special place, and maybe have a picnic there.



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