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Dale Harding - Original Pastel

Updated: Jun 4

Greely, Colorado

Even at a young age, Dale knew he wanted to be an artist. Every opportunity to enroll in art classes and specialized art instruction was an adventure.

Ultimately, he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art Education with a secondary focus in printmaking. After teaching art in the public school sector for eight years, Dale took his penchant for printmaking technology into the graphics and printing industry and over the years has served as a product manager, technical director and technical training manager for several North American and Global companies.

Although Dale’s personal creative time was limited throughout his professional career, he continued to create limited edition serigraphs and oil paintings. However, finding ample time for preparation and clean-up was always cumbersome. Leaving only limited time to pursue the creative process of making art, Dale experimented with the simplicity of pastels.

He discovered the beauty and brilliance of painting with pure pigment, something that can only be achieved with pastels and since has focused on pastels as his medium of choice. Interestingly, Dale uses his background of ink manufacturing to create many of his own pastel colors made from naturally occurring pigments he has found in the southwest and particularly Colorado.

Dale has been a long time resident of New England and many of his earlier works draw inspiration from the New England and Mid-Atlantic coastal areas. He now lives in Colorado along the Front Range and paints full time.. He takes his inspiration from the beauty of the southwest, the Colorado mountains and plains, Colorado’s history and its unique architecture. He is a member of the Pastel Society of Colorado and the Thompson Valley Art League.

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