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Jenifer Cline - oil painter

Updated: Sep 15

Colorado Artist

It is the connection, the joy – the reluctance to leave the scene that I paint. The sense of place, the effects of the light and the link of my heart and soul to the earth are the most important aspects of my work that I must pursue.

I paint in oils, almost exclusively on site so that I can react to my surroundings.

My daily experiences with the out of doors, weather, wildlife, light, scenery – these are the stories I tell with my work. To reveal the scene, I have many different types of grounds I use; canvas, smooth boards, textured grounds, slick aluminum sheeting and paper. I strive to show an impression of the subject, leaving expressive brushwork and experimenting with atmospherics and color for emotional power.

The most common reaction to my work is that viewers feel they can relate to the scene, be a part of it. To me, it is most important that viewers feel the joy I feel in my surroundings and in the life that I endeavor to paint.

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