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Suzanne & Scott Fling- Pottery

Flingin Pots provides wheel-throwing and pottery experiences to the public. We offer a ton of unique events such as Kids Day, Date Night on the Farm, Food Bowls for Fury Friends, Mug Making, etc. My love and biz partner, Scott Prosser brings amazing graphic design and photography skills to our business and he crushes the customer experience. His friendly, welcoming demeanor calms the nerves and is so inviting, a skill set I so admire in him. We’re known for dirty high fives, colorful shoes and sparkles in Scott’s beard.

Flingin Pots is the one of ONLY mobile pottery studio in existence! Nobody has been crazy enough to attempt to lug 70 lbs pottery wheels, teach the public a skill in 30 mins that takes years to master and then travel with all the customized pieces back to their studio, personally carve into each one, glaze and return the all one month later. What’s not to be proud of?

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